Buy MIT or MIC?

So hypothetically, let’s say someone were to consider buying a new gadget. And there were 2 choices: 1) made in Taiwan but more expensive, 2) made in China, less expensive. Both are from startup companies so the quality control is unknown.
Would you buy #1 or #2?

I’m reppin for Taiwan on this one.

I suspect I know what the outcome of this poll will be (hint: look at the name of the forum). :smile:

For me, it would completely depend on the specific gadget, price, and price difference - I don’t think there’s enough information here to judge. If the product features and price were approximately the same, I’d of course buy from Taiwan (although mostly due to shipping time/customer service/warranty stuff). I’d probably also lean toward Taiwan for more expensive electronic items where I’d prefer to reduce the risk of receiving a useless/fake item and wasting my money.

If the item was something not particularly expensive, not particularly technologically complex, and that I didn’t really care about if it breaks, though, (say a hand blender or coffee grinder) I might be tempted to buy the Chinese one if it’s way cheaper.


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