Buy Oximeter at Hsinchu

Where can I buy a good oximeter(like Pulse Oximeter) in Hsinchu. It is okay if I can buy from a store or online.

When I was shopping for one a few months ago in Danshui, plenty of pharmacies had them available, but at a higher price than I was willing to pay. (I forget the numbers.)

So I’d basically ask in any pharmacy that also sells non-drugs, such as bandages, rehab gear, etc.

These might be helpful references

A Ruten search that indicates Pulse Oximeters should cost about NT$ 600 to 700 人氣推薦 - 2022年3月 | 露天拍賣 (

Meanwhile, if you are an Amazon Prime user, you can find oximeters for -30% to -40% less with free shipping (if you include it in an order that totals over US$ 60)

Below from Summer 2021

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Oh, thanks, I may look into those again. I think the prices I saw in shops were around NT$2000.

Main use case: a metric I can use to reassure possibly myself, and definitely my wife, when/ if COVID reaches our shores and one of us gets sick with any kind of bug.

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I hadn’t thought about oximeters as a way to measure the impact of a Covid infection. It makes sense.

Here is a cautionary note about it, though:

… not everyone who tests positive for COVID-19 will develop low oxygen levels. There are people who may have a very uncomfortable bout with fever, muscle aches and GI upset at home, but never demonstrate low oxygen levels.

Ultimately, people should not think of a pulse oximeter as a screening test for COVID-19. Having a normal oxygen level does not mean that you are free of infection. If you are concerned regarding exposure, formal testing is still required.

SOURCE: Can an Oximeter Help Detect COVID-19 at Home? | Houston Methodist On Health

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I don’t know if this still holds true, but I believe a year or so ago oximeters were considered a useful way for sick people to determine when they absolutely needed to go to the hospital. Not so much a metric for Covid, but rather a metric for when you’re really in trouble.