Buy stuff off of Taobao on your behalf

I noticed a fair number of you have complaints about custom clearance and EZ way not accepting ARC number, and that many of you like to purchase items from Taobao.

I can do this for you. I have a Taiwan ID number and have purchased a fair amount of items off of Taobao for my business, so let me help you with this.

Tell me what you want to get, and I’ll buy it for you. My price is 20% + cost of item + shipping + any possible tariffs (though in most cases I never get charged this).

Too many sellers on Shopee or Ruten charge as much as 3x the price for items on Taobao that is just drop shipped over (this means you have to wait). I can take care of all the hassle so you can just get the item and not worry about it.

PS: I can also buy things like liquids, electronics, and other items that Taobao sellers do not generally export at all due to China’s weird regulations. Sorry I can’t buy illegal fireworks though… nobody will ship those.


How do I contact you?

pm will suffice…

Also I should mention there is a way to pre pay the duties… The shipper I use charge 2RMB per kg. It’s much lower than any duties they will hit you with.

Can’t really PM you here since my trust level is kinda low, is there any other way for me to contact you?