Buy used monitor in Taipei (Full-HD)

I want to buy a cheap, used monitor, which I can connect to my laptop so I have a 2nd screen to work with.

Where can I find this stuff in Taiwan and how much can I expect to pay? In Germany it would be around 20-50€.

1 Like型-LED背光液晶螢幕*二手良品*-i.204914004.8142641266?sp_atk=aeb6aada-5e75-4b87-bb73-a2a75e463700&xptdk=aeb6aada-5e75-4b87-bb73-a2a75e463700

Here’s one for $1199營幕-螢幕-電腦營幕-22吋-i.37601185.16973047382?sp_atk=609a3f7a-72ab-4fac-a55b-1d38dc6ee05e&xptdk=609a3f7a-72ab-4fac-a55b-1d38dc6ee05e

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Ah thanks, I didn’t know people also sell used items on shopee. I can remember there also has been many small stores in Taipei, where you can probably used walk in and they also sell used monitors? Might be easier if I can take a look at them first.

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Green League might have some monitors as well.

35 Bade Road Section 1

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I have a 24” 1080p benq monitor that you can have for $1500. It has built in speakers and was purchased 1.5 years ago. PM if you are interested


Thanks for the offer! I will come to Taipei on 9th of July, I might send you a PM after quarantine. If you find another buyer meanwhile, don’t worry.


Sounds good. I’m not actively trying to sell it, it’s just in a cupboard doing nothing now and thought may as well sell it on if someone offers.

It’ll be waiting for you if you are interested

still have the monitor?

Sorry, not anymore :frowning:

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