Buy used monitor in Taipei (Full-HD)

I want to buy a cheap, used monitor, which I can connect to my laptop so I have a 2nd screen to work with.

Where can I find this stuff in Taiwan and how much can I expect to pay? In Germany it would be around 20-50€.

1 Like型-LED背光液晶螢幕*二手良品*-i.204914004.8142641266?sp_atk=aeb6aada-5e75-4b87-bb73-a2a75e463700&xptdk=aeb6aada-5e75-4b87-bb73-a2a75e463700

Here’s one for $1199營幕-螢幕-電腦營幕-22吋-i.37601185.16973047382?sp_atk=609a3f7a-72ab-4fac-a55b-1d38dc6ee05e&xptdk=609a3f7a-72ab-4fac-a55b-1d38dc6ee05e

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Ah thanks, I didn’t know people also sell used items on shopee. I can remember there also has been many small stores in Taipei, where you can probably used walk in and they also sell used monitors? Might be easier if I can take a look at them first.

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Green League might have some monitors as well.

35 Bade Road Section 1

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I have a 24” 1080p benq monitor that you can have for $1500. It has built in speakers and was purchased 1.5 years ago. PM if you are interested

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Thanks for the offer! I will come to Taipei on 9th of July, I might send you a PM after quarantine. If you find another buyer meanwhile, don’t worry.


Sounds good. I’m not actively trying to sell it, it’s just in a cupboard doing nothing now and thought may as well sell it on if someone offers.

It’ll be waiting for you if you are interested