Buy Vanguard index using Taiwan broker

TSMC listed in Germany? I do hold Taiwanese , Chinese etc companies in the US with a US broker. But I would like to use the spare NTD cash here in taiwan without having to transfer and lose a lot back and forth with exchange rates and intl fees. I will still continue to use my brokers abroad. That’s the reason why I am asking about a Taiwanese broker, although I know they are from the Stone Age. So I am hoping someone here have some tips of the most acceptable one in taiwan.

I have account in different brokers in a few countries and I have business income in those so I invest using the local currency with those banks. For NTD I always transfer overseas and I just want to avoid that huddle and use NTD here

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Not directly, it still goes through NYSE.

But many Germans use local German Stock exchange to save the fees.

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I do some investments, but in my home country, not Taiwan.
I still haven’t find anything interesting enough to invest in here…


I use Yuanta. I am satisfied even though they don’t have the lowest fees. But the app is all in Chinese, so you’ll need to be comfortable with that.

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Do you know how to place stop loss/stop gain/limit buy/limit sell orders? From what I see in the interface it is only Market prices orders the ones I can make. One I choose limits than I can’t chose the price

Limit buy and sell orders are very straightforward, right under 下單.

For stop loss and stop gain, I honestly have no idea. I don’t understand the Taiwanese market and stocks enough to engage in frequent trading, so I just accumulate (relatively) low fee ETFs.

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Thanks @rooftopclown

I spent the day trying to understand the brokers here but their interfaces are so archaic that I am thinking to just keep transferring abroad and continue my trades overseas. I do trade on consistent base and I would need at least the minimum 功能 to make orders under my trading system criteria.

I guess I will just walk in at several branches as see if I can have anyone showing me.

I did find the options on the apps but they are under so weird categories that I don’t know if they mean what I think they do. A demo account would be good to just test their apps, but I could find only 1 has a demo account option.

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No interest in trying Interactive Brokers?

Interactive brokers is good but I would have to transfer my $ abroad. I already have account in North America , Europe and South America (I have income in all 3), so I want to put the NTD to best use here without having to transfer overseas this currency as well since I am already well served out of Taiwan.

I didn’t get the chance yet to go to the banks in person to ask about their brokerage services.

P.S: I didn’t see Taiwan market in the covered list of Interactive Brokers


So what’s the consensus on this now? Any US citizens on here use interactive brokers or other brokerages to invest in index funds?


You’re using interactive brokers? For ETFs? Stocks? What’s been your experience going through them? Any issues or things come up you weren’t expecting? I’m mainly just wanting to start putting money in index funds and they seem like one of the only options.

ETFs–It’s been very smooth. Moved everything from Vanguard including some IRA and Trust accounts, mostly to take advantage of the cheap margin rates.


Careful with Fidelity. They have some pretty serious restrictions if they find out you’re not a US resident.

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So with interactive brokers a US citizen living in Taiwan can buy a US etf or mutual fund and not pay capital gains tax?

No, US citizens still have to pay capital gains taxes.

Hey there -
I’m also new to this. Non-US, foreigner residing in Taiwan. Opened an account at both Firstrade and IBKR at the same time to compare the experience. Felt Firstrade was more responsive, process was smoother, so I put money there for now and bought a bunch of Vanguard VOO.

I was going to buy through my bank (CUB) but the fees for ETF seemed crazy high.
I’m still planning to open a broker account locally (Yuanta maybe) so I can invest some money here directly and avoid the wire-transfer hassle, or maybe just buy funds.

Any news from you guys?


If you are not a US citizen and a tax resident of Taiwan, investing in a US registered ETF will expose you to 30% withholding tax on dividends and possibly to estate tax issues.

You can get to 15% dividend withholding and avoid estate tax issues by investing in the same product registered in Ireland (VUSD, I think). However, the fees are a bit higher.


You might consider opening a DBS bank account anf find a broker like DBS Vickers…then invest in some Singapore REITs and others. Can buy some stocks and funds from various countries. Well, I only buy dividend producing invstments…