Buying a bushiban

Did I mention 40 to 50 students a class and NO air conditioner.
The really sad thing is that it could be a really great program, there are just too many hands in the pot.

[quote] It already is a gong show. I did the summer program at Wen Hua High School in Taichung (Taizhong).
Here are some of the unique methods used for EFl teaching in public schools.

  1. Photo copy well known and copy write protected books and give them to the students as textbooks.
  2. Hire unlicensed and illegal foreign teachers through a third party(Wegor).
  3. Refuse to submit tax deductions from the teachers pay as they are illegal anyway.
  4. When any of the teachers complains fire them and replace them with another illegal English teacher, telling the students the teacher quit.
    Seems to be working quit well in Taichung (Taizhong), unless you are the teacher or student of course.[/quote]

Boomer: I just did a few days at a public high school in Taipei.

  1. I had to provide my own material
  2. No third party involved, but the budget seemed to be assuming that I had to pay a lot of people off.
  3. Taxed at 10%
  4. Me no complain. Me very happy. And not enough teachers to replace me easily - I had to take a friend on one day

I hope it will continue to work like this in future…