Buying a car at the Taipei Automotive Show

I’m going to buy a new car and have waited till the end of the year to make the best of dealer discounts. I’m interested in buying a car at the Automotive show that starts on December 28.
I went last year and sales people were offering $50,000NT off cars (I’m assuming there’s room to bargain more) if you bought that day. I have some questions that hopefully someone can answer.

  1. Can sales people arrange finance at these events? I’m wondering because it’s such short notice. My wife will be with me, so most likely they’ll deal with her on that end.
  2. Is the situation similar to, for example, Europe where they’re getting rid of all the end of year cars because as of January they’ll be last year’s stock so can’t be sold as a 2020 car?

My guess is this…the only thing you’ll probably do at the show is choose the car and make a high level agreement around price. All the details and paperwork will be handled later at the dealership. They will probably be able to give you the high level details about what financing terms might be available, but it will take a day or two to make arrangements with the bank and depending on if it’s in your name or your wife’s.

If it’s a popular car, they may be sold out of this year’s models and there might already be a waiting list for next year. Just be prepared for that frustration should it happen.

Thanks for that. I might take my chances at the dealership before the show.

Just a guess, please report back. If you know what you want I might visit the dealership first to get details on inventory and such. Get a quote and shop it at the show assuming they might be doing different offers in that environment.

Might want to visit a showroom in advance and get details worked out and then finalize any other perks, if there are any, at the car show.

I’ve never seen anything saying a car show is a more beneficial location to purchase. I’ve been to new car shows where they say we don’t do sales here, this is just marketing.

Could be more difficult and lengthy because key players like accounting and finance and supply excetera are back at the shop with their data and information

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