buying a dog

i’ve been looking for a store to buy a dog, or good adoption centres. i have found neither. i’m a bit scared to adopt due to health issues and it being old and untrained. like a beagle would be perfect for my apartment and family. so do we have any store/kennel/adoption centre recommendations

I love the local dogs, always see a couple puppies when I hit the mountains, can just pick one up

A friend of a friend told him about some abandonded puppies in Tainan, just a few months old. But it is local mutts, nothing fancy (but healthy, and free)

There are charities and non-government organizations for dogs in Taipei and other cities around taiwan.

They ensure the dogs are healthy and vaccinated and everything before they ever offer them for adoption.

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Got some links for OP?

Please adopt. There are so many organizations. Here’s one in the north of Taiwan. If you need any other areas, just ask.

Best dogs ever! I currently have 10 of my own. All rescues.


There are a number of non-profits that rescue dogs off the street in Taiwan and feed the dogs, give them their shots and neuter them, and then sell them at very reasonable prices in Taiwan and also abroad. For foreign sales, they depend on people donating their carry-on luggage space so that the dogs can fly without cost to the non-profit, and rely on previous customers in the destination country to help transport the dogs to new owners. See

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I discourage buying pets. You are supporting cruel breeding practices.


Not sure if the link works, you can search “Mary’s Doggies” on FB.


Rescued dogs are the way to go. Here are seven of my herd.








Fuzzy, Sugar Bear, 小米 - not pictured as they’re at the other house.


Don’t. Don’t be scared. There are great dogs waiting for someone. They are tested and vaccinated.

“Pure breed” ones are retarded and have physical problems due to inbreeding.


Definetively Mary’s doggies

This one too


Now that’s a commitment to care for rescue dogs. How did you sell the idea to your wife? Having the space to do it is one thing, but that’s a lot of dogs to have around.

Please come over to Sizihwan in Kaohsiung and adopt all the wild dogs in my neighborhood.

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You should be scared to buy a dog for this reason. Have you ever heard of the Habsburgs?

I didn’t sell the idea to her. It was her idea.

A big commitment for sure. Medical care and dog food!


Ten bundles of unconditional love every time you open the door. I’m sure it’s more than worth it.


Very true and I’ll never have to buy an iphone, scooter, car, the latest brand name clothing or bushiban fees for any of them. Much cheaper than human children for sure.


how do you adopt from them?

Call. Visit. Choose. The latter is the hardest part.

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Canine version of The Wire!