Buying a duty free laptop (Surface Pro)


Hello folks. I’m looking to purchase a Surface Pro laptop and was wondering if there was a way I can buy it duty free? According to the Microsoft website (, the following are the official stockists:

Of those, I am only somewhat familiar with PCHome. Do any of you kind sirs and madams know whether I can use my foreign passport to get duty free at any of those shops? Do I then just claim it back at some counter at the airport?

As a generic duty free question, can I still ask for a receipt with tong yi bian hao?

Thanks :).


I’m not familiar with the first and last ones. Senao is the distributor/provider for almost all the handheld devices in Taiwan. SF/Kaui3/全國 are all electronic chain stores.

These are somewhat condescending requests?

You want to use your foreign passport to claim tax free, but you want to use your company’s tax ID for tax incentives??


Ah right, I might just pop into one of them and ask then, I assume they will all be very similar in what they can do.

Yep, I mean if I claim it as an expense, it would only save my employer money (if that’s how it works)? Don’t see that as condescending though and I am personally not getting any benefit from it either way.