Buying a language center license

The owner of the language school where my friend works is going to resell his license (the school has been operating for over 15 years and is licensed to teach not only English but also French, Japanese, German and Russian, and is next to an MRT station, Nanking East Rd. area). The owner is not interested in doing this business anymore. The school is pretty small - about 30 pings only, 2 medium size and 5 small classrooms, and needs redecoration.
I need some advice - first, he expects to sell it for 500.000NT$, is it a reasonable price? Second, will it be possible to change the address of the school (in case we want to move to a bigger space)? Thanks.

i will tell you this, there is little point to buying a license if you are going to move, moving involves doing all the fire/building inspections you would need with a new license anyway. the main point of buying a place would be the student base with an existing license only an ancillary consideration.

AFIK, the license can’t be sold. Owners can be added and removed from the registry, at the rate of one change per year. So if your buddy wants his name added, the original owners won’t be removed until a year after that. You might be able to transfer the license to another nearby location, but I believe there is something like a 100m limit. You’d have to inquire to find out exactly. How many students does he have? Is this place on the upper floor of a building on Nanjing East Road, next to Dunhua Junior High and across from the Asiaworld Plaza?

how much does it cost for the various fees to apply for a license?

anyone know this?