Buying a mini-system/computer speakers in Taiwan

Anyone know how much an average name brand mini stereo system costs in Taipei (Sony, Panasonic, Philips, etc.) A bookshelf one with a cd player and radio.

What about some nice computer speakers?

I assume you are not in Taiwan now, or you wouldn’t be asking. I will assume you are trying to decide if you should pack one.

I would say these things are just as cheap or cheaper here than just about anywhere in the world. If you don’t have it already, wait until you get here to buy it.

And be sure to get a subwoofer…I don’t know how I ever used my laptop without one.

I have seen very cheap bookshelf systems for NT$1600.

Yep, NT1500 and up. Branded, more stylish systems start at NT$5000 and can top the 20k mark.

I got a very nice JVC compact system for around NT$20,000 – Radio, tape, CDs, mini discs, (maybe mp3s), VCD, DVD.
Looks nice (wooden speaker cabs), sounds great.

Be careful of which brand you buy. A lot of stereo brands, such as Samsung, are gray market imports and you can only get them serviced through the store you bought them.