Buying a notebook in Taiwan

My trusty Acer is showing signs of ageing and I was thinking about buying a new notebook. I have heard many good things about IBM, that their quality is at least one level above the rest and that they also offer good support and service. The downside is the price, which is steep to say the least.

Now, Taiwan is the home of many notebook manufacturers. Which local brands would you recommend? I have been happy with my Acer, but maybe one of you guys has heard good things about other brands


IBMs are actually pretty cheap in Taiwan. Sure, you could save a few thousand by buying a lower quality machine, but then you’ll be back here again in a year or less. :wink:

Still, if I bought an IBM in Taiwan I’d be worried about whom to turn to in case the thing breaks down. Is Taiwan one of the 116 countries which are covered by their warranty?
I was hoping by buying a good local brand things would be easier and cheaper in case the notebook has problems.

IBM is certainly covered here. Not only that, but it comes with one of the best warantees you can get, and a very knowledgable and helpful set of local reps.