Buying a Piano - Cash Only?

Wife just put down a deposit on a 75000NT piano. The salesperson told her to pay the balance, in cash, to the man who delivers the piano. Is this typical in Taiwan? I can’t imagine someone paying cash for one of their 400000NT grand pianos.

I much prefer to use our Visa for the points and added protection.

Many Taiwanese businesses aren’t set up to take credit cards… they just don’t want the added expense and they can’t do it “under the table” to avoid paying tax.

That makes sense. We will try to negotiate a better cash price. Thanks!

ask about doing a bank transfer. At least you have a paper trail that way. CC probably isn’t going to happen.

I forgot to add that unless you have a Taiwan credit card that you will get nicked for a substantial international fee. My Visa tacks on 4% for purchases in Taiwan.

We bought a farm cash here. Sets of NT dollar bank notes packed in a duffel…this is the way things work here. Notaries and most businesses have that note counting machine…