Buying a scooter with Shop Name Registration

Hello all,

I am going to Tainan for bussiness around 6 months. I have a International Driving License but no ARC. So, I found some shops that willing to sell used scooter without need to transfer name. They said that the scooter is registrated with the shop name. Is it possible? And is it safe to buy those scooters. Thanks

Sounds like your just renting it for 6months
(I’m assuming you have to give it back to them at the end as its in their name)

Well, not really. I don’t have to return it, and also I can sell it to a next buyer. Then, the next buyer will go to the shop and change to his name if he wants.
I just wonder that is it possible to registrate a scooter under a shop/business name? Or they just make it up.

It’s possible they are doing this to help you out and sell a scooter. But I’d ask to see the blue registration card to be sure it’s in their name and all the insurance and paperwork is up to date.

The issue you might run into is that the scooter is a 'ghost scooter ’ owned by a previous foreigner that left or someone who died. It might even be a stolen scooter.

You may get away with driving it, but get into an accident or pulled over with no papers or worse yet a stolen scooter, you’re going to have a bad time.