Buying a second hand scooter without scooter license

Hi All,

I’m about to buy a second hand scooter (125cc) from an individual but i still don’t have my scooter license (i have my Taiwan car license). Would it be a problem in the DMV if we process the transfer of ownership with me as the new owner having no scooter license yet? My drive test will still be on Sept 12.

Appreciate all your feedbacks.


No problem. Not illegal to purchase a vehicle without a license.

Thanks. So what do you present to the DMV as the “buyer” during the transfer of ownership process? ARC only would work?

Believe this is no longer the case. I had to get a license when I bought my last motorcycle to register it in my name.

If its like the UK, registration and ownership are two different things. , so stricly speaking you are still correct, since I supposze a reciept is proof of ownership.

In practice you’ll want to register it, and the seller will want you to register it too, since otherwise he’s liable for your parking tickets.

So it’s a chicken and egg thing, am i allowed to buy a scooter without the scooter license and register it under my name? Or do i need to get my license first before buying/registering one under my name?

You may be right. I think I bought my scooter 10 years ago. Anyone? - I think i have answered my own questio, LOL. Be warned that when you let Google translate it, it will mess it up. Item 2 on the requirements will say “Driving License” when Google Translates it, but actually it’s the “Vehicle Registration”. So yeah, it looks like no need for scooter license when you want to buy one.

Let us know how you get on. Perhaps I was misinformed.

Generally if you go to the DMV with an enquiry on two seperate days, you will get two different answers,

Unless you ask two different people on each day. Then you might get 4 different answers,

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