Buying a Vespa?

I’m thinking about buying a refurbished Vespa in Taipei. I might move down to Taichung after buying it. Anyone know a good place to get it fixed in both cities? Also, is it hard or expensive to get parts for it?

There are threads on this already. Do a search.
I have been going to Mr. Huang for the last 18 years.
Hsinyi Road Sec. 6, No. 59
Chinese only.
There are few places that can repair them, but remember that they rarely break down and when something does go wrong, you can limp to a repair shop.
Parts and repairs are cheap.
Get a refurbished one and go for an engine pre-1981. I have a rebuilt 1979 engine and the rest is new. I have over 26,000 kilometers on it and have not had a breakdown. Normal failures of course (a cable here and there, plug, etc.) that are easily repaired but nothing that has left me stranded. A 150cc ought to cost you about 25k totally spiffy, or less if you want a beater. Figure around 60k or so for a real period model – some nice ones still out there.

oh sure so i could go and pick up some new yamaha vino 125, but a vintage vespa may do.

I went to Huang’s shop and apparently he only fixes vespas and does not sell them.

Anyone have one to sell or have a recomendation of a dealer?


Search here: … true&new=0

thank you