Buying a webcam - your recommendations pls

Will be buying a webcam this week. Budget <$1000. Your recommendations please?


Logitech Quick Cam Pro 4000
great cam! probably over your budget, well worth it though! … nguageid=1

[quote=“Dirt Merchant”]Will be buying a webcam this week. Budget <$1000. Your recommendations please?

Webcam? better do your homework. Video conferencing is far from what you see in commercials or movies nowadays. don’t get ripped off by bying a cheap stuff where you won’t be able to see on video feed.
If you have a Mac, you’re lucky, because iChat AV plus iSight it’s the best on the market so far. After that is good luck…
For one do you care about video quality?
Do you and other people you will be chatting with are using ADSL or cable?
Do you have a firewire connection for your cam? USB just doesn’t do the job.
I have used many cam before with only sporadic “good” results.

If you don’t have a Mac, then I suggest you put a little bit more $$$ get a firewire compatible cam, make sure the other have the same setup as yours ie firewire and adsl or cable and you will enjoy what’s “best” in video conferencing these days.

Good Luck.

And if you are buying a webcam for laptop, I suggest … ENTID=5040
Creative have good webcams too. … tegory=218

P.S. Don’t suggest going for cheap webcams, did that a few times and finally decided to get a good one cause the cheap ones are really not as good. :wink:

I had my Logitech QuickCam Pro 3000 for many years now, not a single problem. USB also works fine, and I even had it working under Linux. If the quality of the 4000 model is as good, I would highly recommend it. Don’t get one of those cheap cameras, there you are saving at the wrong end.

I think you should point out what you want to do with webcam.

If you just want to have a video screen, don’t care about quality. Cheap one maybe is ok.

But if you have video meeting or something important with webcam, you shoud choose a nice one.

Saving NT$500 or NT$1000 for webcam, maybe getting a feeling bad for years…

Just opinion!

I would be using it for MSN Messenger - chatting to the folks back home, and friends in other countries who I don’t get to see very often.

And the occasional ‘home movie’ - follow-up viewing would be for my eyes only…

Spotted the Logitech range at 3C yesterday - definitely look like the pick of the litter! Not too pricey: $900 - $2000.