Buying an apartment

I’m looking to buy an apartment in Zhonghe District, Taipei.

Fully renovated apartment:

  • 250 sqm, 4 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, fully renovated, air conditioning
  • or a 3-4 story building like in the picture

What would your price estimates/levels be at the moment? I’ve tried asking some realtors, but with poor result (no response).

Thank you for the input

Sorry, but it looks terrible from the outside. I bet it is a 40+ year old building with old smelly pipes and dangerously worn electrical wires, and no elevators.
I wouldn’t live there even if it’s free.People living in those buildings are temprary renters, or older owners who have no mean to trade up to newer/better properties.

That was not helpful.

You can buy a place like that, remodel inside to your own desires and be a palace maybe in a perfect location. Lots of people do that.

Sometimes those have beautiful views of a park or some nice building like 101 or far-off distant mountains.

I know places in central Taipei look like that on the outside but inside are super beautiful modern and close to the most desirable spots in Taipei or maybe even best schools for kids.

Or as an investment property rented out just to pay your monthly mortgage and sell it later.


@joedimaggio Have you trying online real estate websites?
You can find similar apartments to the one you want in the region you are looking for. Even if it’s not exactly what you want, it will give you a ball park idea.

BTW, many Taiwanese people are superstitious and apartments in which someone passed away are taking as “bad luck” and are sold for real cheap prices.
If you don’t mind it and are searching for an apartment to live in, it’s worthy to take a look at those too.

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I think in New Taipei the going rate is something like 600-700k per ping. So expect to pay at least 10 million or something if it’s an upper floor apartment that has nothing. Or if it’s renovated and all that, expect to pay a little more. There are real estate stores where they will post various properties for sale so you can look at that.

As for properties where people died in or whatever, the only way you can know is by searching police reports or the like, realtors aren’t going to specifically sell those kind of properties, and property owners will sometimes try to conceal this fact…

You can renovate the interior, replace the old pipes and wires WITHIN your unit, but you can’t redo the entire building. My relative owns one of those disgusting old apartment units. The sewer pipes from up/down stair neighbors smell awful all day long.
And the low level, instead of high rise units, means the unit is dark with little natural light.
Renting out: good luck on your landlord’s headaches.
P.S. OP said this is in Zhonghe, not Taipei.

I understand that the prices might vary and that’s why I asked. I have a friend who owns similar old house, the whole house, completely renovated.
Therefore I would want to find a similar even in better shape than the one in the photo. Additionally the same friends family owns the top floor and renovated that for 500k USD prior to the marriage of his eldest brother.

Still not sure about the price range as it seems to vary a lot.

to buy a whole house like this will be difficult, you will need to buy 4 apartments at once. buying a 2 story town house and renovating will be more feasible,but not cheap. I saw one in tianmu for 5 million usd