Buying/Caring for non-domesticated captive pets

This post has generated a lot of discussion about adopting pets and beyond. (The thread only has a few posts in it because all other posts were moved to a different location.)

[quote]I used to have 2 pet snapping turtles (one common, one alligator) last time I was living in Taiwan. When I moved back to LA, I couldn’t bring them with me so I gave them to someone, who gave them to someone, and now they’re in some river. Anyways, I was wondering if anyone knew any pet stores that are selling snapping turtles right now in Taipei.

I know of one store on Minquan next to the Taipei Airport. I go there a lot, but they are remodeling and I’ve already asked them to call me when they get some baby snappers in.

Anyone know of any other pet stores?

The person asking for help locating turtle pets admits to have given up the responsibility for such animals in the past but he asks for help locating more of them to purchase. This, of course, infuriates animal lovers. Is it just tree-hugging claptrap or do these people have legitimate concerns? Would you feel infuriated if a farmer traded 10 chickens for a helping hand? The chickens are going to be slaughtered and eaten eventually. Does it matter who cooks them?

Personally, I think the entire trade is what’s wrong. I really don’t care if you plan to keep the turtles for the next 80 years or if you give them away when you are done with them. It makes no difference to me. I don’t think animals like that should be kept captive for the sole purpose of entertaining people. Fine if you eat them!