Buying Cars in Installments


So I am a PhD student in Taiwan and I want to buy a car. Are there any requirements for buying cars in installments, like minimum income and whatnot or needing an APRC? also how can I find which cars have the import tax on them?


All cars must have the Import duty paid , you can check with the selling dealer , but if they are registered, they must have paid tax. Import tax would only be of interest , if you imported a car yourself. New cars have some good finance deals , but as usual, harder for foreigners without guarantee. Bank loan is another option.


I’ve heard anecdotally that getting a loan or lease from the dealer is much easier for foreigners than an actual bank loan since the salesperson wants to make a sale so arms at the bank can be twisted out of guanxi

I asked about personal loans a few years ago and was literally laughed out of the banks. As in the girl told her coworker and the manager, they all laughed together and then she returned to say no. I doubt anything has changed, banks are still very anti foreigner


@Whatevah Hey, did you find out anymore information?