Buying cemetery plots?

Is there a secondary market for cemetery plots in Taiwan? How do cemetery plots appreciate relative to residential real estate?

I’m thinking of buying a plot for myself (just in case!!), but given that my demise could reasonably and likely be another 60 years away, I would rather treat the purchase as an investment: something I can sell off at a later date if the neighborhood ceases to be fashionable, so to speak. doesn’t seem to provide pricing information. I presume it’s not going to be cheap.

I bought some land in Alishan where my husband and I will be buried. We going to be in a plot next to my father and my mom can join him when she has passed away.

I don’t think people buy burial plots in hope of land appreciation.

For us, no need for a plot of land … my wife and I talked it over after her older brother’s funeral, he was cremated and subsequentle put in an urn in a mausoleum, columbarium. She said she wanted to buy a niche at the same place to put ower ashes. Cheap coffin, cremation … done. And, it doesn’t matter what religion you have, they do all in the Taipei County crematorium in Sanxia/Tucheng (Hengchi). The Mausuleum is on the road to Daxi. What struck me is that all the boxes (niches) with lucky numbers are already sold out.

Burial grounds can be expensive, 1,000,000 NT$ and up plus construction cost. And why would one want to resell? It’s a family’s resting place. The temporary (7 years) burial site is something different but I don’t know how it works, never asked. I know they re-use the area after remaines are dug up for cleaning and reburial in the family grave.

I’m talking about reselling the unused burial plot if I or my close relatives happen not to need it anymore, not having ourselves dug up and put in a jar…

I think a grave at Jinbao Mountain (link I gave above - where I have close relatives), cost somewhere around NT$10 million years ago before the most recent real estate boom.

I always liked the idea of being cremated and scattered off a cliff somewhere. Flyyyyyyyyyyyyy freeeeeeee.