Buying clothes in bulk?!

Let’s say a “friend” has a wife that wants to have a little business selling clothes. Let’s say she wants to go up to Taipei to buy a whole heap of clothes and take them back to Taichung to sell, where should she go?

She probably doesn’t want knock off labels, just good quality and nice designs that could be sold to the average woman that likes to look nice. Hey, if she doesn’t sell them she can always wear them herself.

So, where does she go? Any ideas?

Songshan behind the Songshan train station.


[quote=“Bu Lai En”]Songshan behind the Songshan train station.


I hear that most of the places around there have clothes from Hong Kong. I think that she was looking for Korean fashion in particular. There is a place near where she lives that sells Korean stuff but they obviously are not going to share where they bought the clothes from with anyone, who can blame them.

Narrowing it down some more… Korean fashion???

So I can expect to see the obasans of sunny Shalu prancing around in hanboks next time I’m down in the boonies?

Jongxin jie in Yungho, the road that is next to Tinghshi station with the Starbucks and Aurora on the corner. This is also commonly known as Hunguo jie (Korea street) and they have boxes and boxes of Korean clothes dropped off there weekly. The shops run the whole length of the street. And if you do it on a Friday night Bassman, feel free to drop over for a beer.

From HK, but the styles are all the same (I mean they just make whatever styles are popular and at the moment Japanese and Korean are popular). If she wants Korean fashion she needs to buy some Korean mags then get down there and find clothes that look the same. She’ll have to look around and do her homework. It’s not as easy just finding a shop with exactly the clothes she wants and selling them off to others for a big markup. The ‘selling clothes over the internet’ market has become hugely competitive int he last few months. Your wife (sorry, your firend’s wife :wink: ) might even be too late.


What would be far more interesting and probably more difficult to find out is… Where do the stores on “Korea Street” get there clothes from? It must be even cheaper than what they sell it for, well, you’d think so, right?

[quote]Where do the stores on “Korea Street” get there clothes from?[/quote]It says Korea on the boxes, been past there too many times not to miss that. You know there’s probably 30 shops on that street, on both sides of the road, all getting the same boxes, then sorting them out. Although they do sell a lot of the clothes in their own shops, each looks as though they’re preparing to send clothes off elsewhere too.

Zhongxin Jie (Lu?) in Yong He may be Korea Street (I’ve know that place for years, but didn’t know that), but the clothes are not Korean style. They’re mostly for middle-aged to older women. They’re also not as cheap as Songshan (at least not for the young fashions that you can find).


Down in Bassman’s neck of the woods, middle age in women begins at 23, so those togs’ll be perfect.

Down in Bassman’s neck of the woods, middle age in women begins at 23, so those togs’ll be perfect.[/quote]

Hey!!! No, damn it, he’s right. :sunglasses: