Buying costumes (superman, batman, flash, etc)

Hi All,

I’m participating in a charity event in August. I’m looking for a place where I can buy 5 marvel character (batman, xmen, supermen etc) costumes (for adults) that looks reasonably believable.

Wonder if anyone know a good place in Taipei with the supply/ know how on how to make these costume.

I know ebay sells them but with postage it gets expensive.

Give me a yell.



mate, do you want to buy them or just rent them for the charity thing? My school is doing their graduation show and we’ve got catalogues from local companies (taipei city/county) that rent kids/adults costumes, including superhero ones. If this is of interest send me a PM and i’ll see if i can hunt down an address/phone number on Monday

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try around Tian Jin Street near Taipei Main station.

I’d start by checking out the existing threads on finding costumes to purchase or rent, e.g.

Thanks guys for that. I’ve tried the ones at Ximendin. they were shit house.

Will have a look around the streets around taipei train station.

I’d like to get a hold of Mileena, Kitana or Jade custom from mortal kombat. I’ve always thought they were cute

Thanks for sharing! :notworthy:

Thanks for sharing! :notworthy:[/quote]
And that was the end of that! :roflmao:

Mind you, wonder if we could’ve gotten a picture or two of her in a nurses outfit (or Batgirl even) before you scared the young lass away… :ponder: