Buying Le Creuset cookware in Taipei

I did my due-diligence searching here and didn’t find too much about local stores where Le Creuset can be purchased.

I’ve been collecting LC cookware (and using it) for about 15 years now and our little game is that all of our pieces are different colors. There are colors that are only distributed in Asia and I’d really like to check them out, with consideration to adding some smaller pieces to our set.

Any ideas on the stores that might have the best combination of wide range and reasonable price?

Someone mentioned that Le Creuset will outlive you if taken care of properly; I have one piece from my former mother-in-law’s set that is from 1950… she lives in the UK and was that saucepan’s second owner. It is still really lovely; even the wooden handle is in very good condition. So the value for money is fantastic, especially if you have children who like to cook and who can inherit your batterie de cuisine! :2cents:

sogo (zhongxiao fuxing) and Shincong mitsukoshi (xinyi) have le cruset,

And the sale season just started… :smiling_imp:

Ah LC, man if I weren’t sooo broke, I would definitely would be broke from buying that. I just got my first piece at a second-hand shop (US) and have been in love. Good luck with your search.