Buying new copy of MS office. Want to move office 2016 to my lap top Rules.?

OK. The sale price office 2021 or whatever it’s called is one hunded US dollars in a mail in offer from Microsoft. It’s more complete than the 2016 version so I want to splurge.
I got my MS office 2016. Will they let me install it in my older machine if I verify it’s deleted from the main machine. I’m not sure how licensing works… I will have two licenses for two machines.
Let me know what has to be done. Thanks.
I haven’t bought anything since 2016.
I use the home and student version. Not the office 365. I need to run multiple menu languages and as far as Microsoft told me, Office 365 only has on language per installation. That it unless things changed.
I like to own my software out right if I spend any money at all.

I’m no expert but if Office 2016 was not pre-installed (OEM), I would think you can deactivate/uninstall it and reinstall/reactivate it on another computer. This link may help:

You may also want to check out this deal. Edit to say check carefully because I don’t know if it actually does what you need. Just happened to see it recently.

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I am the same way! Interested to hear the responses to this i am wanting to do similar.