Buying off-the-shelf PC

Suggestions on where to buy an off-the-shelf desktop PC (not laptop) - I definitely don’t have the tech know-off to build my own, and if I go to Guanghua I wouldn’t even know which shop to go to.

Any suggestions for where to buy online? or is 3C/TKEC the place to go?

Thanks so much :slight_smile:

A lot of shops, on the street (not in the big bldg), will sell help you get parts and put it together for free. I’d go that route or ask a friend to do so.

If you buy parts you’ll get better quality/value/performance over a pre-built. How much you want to spend?

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I am still researching - don’t really know what specs I want yet. Are there any particular shops you would recommend?

CoolPC and another store (not sure of name) that is across street from CoolPC. Here are links to them:

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Thanks so much, will check them out :slight_smile:

Most stores will put it together for you, and even install the OS for you.

And now most of the PC package deals come with Windows 10.

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If you a real off the shelf PC any of the big 3C stores would be ok, like
If you go to Guanhua, just wander around the stores that sell built machines and find someone who speaks English if you don’t speak Chinese. They can usually upgrade if you have specific requirements.
You can get a better deal from sellers on or maybe Shopee, but you if you don’t read Chinese you might be lost of you want more than the basics. I’ve bought a few over the years with some second hand parts and saved a ton. One just shut down and I’m in the process of fixing it and upgrading another.

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Is it risky to buy second hand parts? Like do they end up DOA?

It depends on the part. HDDs are easy to go bad. Memory and processors usually last a long time. Most of the sellers I’ve bought from claim they test everything before sending it. I’ve never had anything arrive DOA, and even the HDDs have lasted. Just buy from trusted sellers.

Any suggestions for brands/specs for a desktop that can handle programming/coding as well as some simple gaming?

I bought used RAM off ebay one time and my computer started having all kinds of weird errors. Like CRC errors when unpacking zip files and stuff.

turns out the used RAM was bad.

Not in Taiwan, I guess? Here, the sellers with history are pretty good about tell you about any flaws, even if you’re buying a hard drive with cosmetic damage. There are sellers who just have warehouses of used computer parts sitting around, sometimes even new old-stock. If you speak Chinese you can even talk to them and get assurances that it is tested. I’ve seen things like ‘pulled from a working unit’ but I wouldn’t buy anything not tested unless nothing else was available or it was a great bargain.

It depends on how simple the gaming is and what the requirements of your other programs are. Start by looking at the minimum requirements and go as high above that as you can reasonably afford, keeping in mind how much you’ll be running at the same time.

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I think you are looking for something like this.
Can do coding and simple games.

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Seriously any decent computer can handle this. I would say at a minimum any core i7 or core i5 3000 series and above, 8 gigs of ram, and an ssd hard drive (256 gigs min) would fit your needs. Any nvidia 10 or 20 series should work if you aren’t hard core gaming. You can go up from there depending on your budget and needs.

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What kind of gaming? What detail level?

almost all games these days can be scaled down to run on lower end computers with discreet graphics. They have to, if they made games that would only run on high end hardware on low then they wouldn’t have much of a market because few people can afford to change GPU every 6 months (when they cost over 30,000nt each).

So anything with a GTX 1050ti or above can handle light gaming, CPU matters but i3 8100 has proved to be a good CPU. Don’t let the i3 name fool you, it’s equivalent to a i5 7xxx series. And it’s a fairly cheap CPU too.

Just about any computer can handle coding, unless you want to compile a big program in seconds which having a good CPU would reduce the time it takes to compile something… but people use low end MacBook Pro to code with all the time. You can always compile with another PC with high end hardware.

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Thanks everyone, will start looking around at configurations to see what might work. Thinking the i5 or i7, 8gb or 16gb and 256ssd +1TB hd will be a good place to start.

Thanks so much again. :slight_smile:

Thinking of getting the Lenovo 720 IdeaCentre. Has i5-8400 processor, with 8GB Ram, 512GB SSD and GTX1050Ti.

Is 512GB SSD ok, since I figure I could just attach a 2TB external HD if needed? Or is that really a no-go?

I really would do custom parts build instead, but the Lenovo you listed… 1) Get at least 16gb RAM. 8gb was fine in 2015 but prices have dropped on RAM and systems need more nowadays. 2) 1050ti is an extremely lower end GPU. Fine for basic games at 1080p though.

Look for builds with Ryzen 5 2600. Great value and performance. But the i5-8400 is decent for programming/coding too.

What’s the budget for this desktop?

My 2ntd, the answer will depend on what type of coding, can u give more detail here?