Buying on-line, deliver to Taiwan?

Does anyone know what the deal is with buying equipment on-line (from the US)?

I am looking at a camera that I have not yet found in Kaohsiung (olympus is-5000, the companies deliver to Taiwan (B&H and Adorama).

Will I have any customs problems or charges?

If customs gets their hands on it surely import duty/tax will apply.

If you order anything (expensive) online make sure it’s trackable, aka use courier option rather than cheap airmail. And never ever declare as telecommunications equipment or transmitter/receiver/transceiver as there are strict rules on the import of such.

Give the risk or damage, tax and hassle during warranty case perhaps it’s better to purchase it during a holiday.
If the equipment is portable no tax shall apply in most countries.
And I think portable TVs are not considered portable actually if you know what I mean …

I have experience with this “telecommunication” import problem. Two years ago I bought a GSM modem for my Nokia phone (should be no problem), but the idiots in customs, even after opening up the packagae to see what it was, still held up my pakcage for an additional week with all sorts of probing phone calls from them and UPS. Why? Becuase the packing list from the company I bought it from used the word “Nokia” in the part number. In the end I got it, but they wanted me to verify that the thing wasn’t a phone. Not too bright if you ask me.