Buying Orange Box for my friend

Hey, I am going to Taiwan over the winter break, and I am thinking about getting the Orange Boxfor my friends since its a lot cheaper there.

However, I am hearing about that Valve is applying regional lockout for the first time of its products. I am worrying that It would not work in America if I buy the games in Taiwan.

I’ve done some researches searching on the webs mainly. I’ve heard people got their account disabled because they purchased the product from Thailand and Russia and try to play it on America. However, I’ve never heard anything about getting the game from Taiwan and play it on America.

Can anybody help me out?
I am leaving for Taiwan in about 3 weeks. Thank you.

i heared that happened with Thai and Russian version only.
Check the box itself if it mentions anything. on the Thai and Russian boxes were clear warnings about regional restrcitions.