Buying property together

My brother and I are planning to pool our resources to buy property
in South Africa
we wouldn’t be able to buy independently. He is a married man (in community of property) and I’m sinlgle. There are two flats and a family house on the plot. We will not be contributing equal shares. I will be contributing about 33.3% to it. The idea sounds great in theory because all parties (not only the two of us) will benefit from the transaction, however I have been through the mill and know that family business can be tricky.

I need goog advice as soon as possible. I want to be aware of any possible pitfalls we might encounter in order to preempt them. I also need to know as many legal terms pertaining to this kind of deal/contract/agreement.

Please help!

The location where you are considering buying property is significant, as the laws of that place will govern the transaction and any disputes that may arise in relation to the same and to any issues re ownership and or future sale of the property.

I know nothing of SA property law. This might be a bit helpful, however.