Buying/renting DVDs in Taiwan

Anyone know where I can get the best selection of DVDs, with Chinese subtitles? I would love to pick up some Monty Python classics, or some more “alternative” films, like Mediterraneo, or my favourite comedy of all time, Johnny Stecchino (Johnny Toothpick), starring Roberto Benini. Unfortunately, If I order through Amazon, I don’t get the Chinese subtitles. Blockbuster specializes in Hollywood, well, blockbusters, so they’re not of much use. Another film I’d love to get is Jet Li’s first movie, “Shaolin Temple”, filmed in China in 1980 when Li was only 18 yrs old. One of the best martial arts films ever. There are also a lot of Chinese art films I’d be interested in picking up, but I would need English subtitles for them. (I’m bi-culturally fussy!) :smiley: Any suggestions?

I got a DVD box set of the American sitcom “Friends” with Chinese subtitles, and on the back they have the address and phone number of the company that imported/licensed it. Probably they have a whole bunch more stuff from overseas, or they know how to get it. Their address is Ruiguang Road, Lane 478, Alley 18, #30, 2F, Neihu District, Taipei. Their phone number is 8797-8298.

I also hear that HMV in HK has a great selection of DVDs. :slight_smile:

can anybody recommend a place that has a good selection of dvds / vcds of films by taiwanese filmmakers (e.g. edward yang and hou hsiao hsien)?

I would be interested in the answer, and in fact any place that has a good range of ANY DVDs.

I know FNAC is pretty good, but they’re not cheap.


For any DVDs, including local stuff, check the alley near GuangHua market off XinSheng Rd., between the shops on BaDe and those along XinSheng (going south).
It’s not far from the main road, right side when facing into the alley from XinSheng.

Sorry for the poor description, don’t have a map with me …

I recently found a GREAT place for Chinese DVDs. I picked up a copy of Edward Yang’s “A One and a Two” (Chinese title in pinyin: Yi Yi) there last week.

Here’s the address:

Chongqing South Road, Sec. 1, #99, 8F, Room 810
phone: 2371-0947, 2733-2693, cell: 0938-031-036 (Mr. Chen)

It’s not far from the train station.

Mr. Chen also runs a stand on the street just about a block away.

They really have a fantastic selection. Most DVDs seem to be around 300 NT.

The Eslite bookstore at Spot Theater on Zhongshan N. Rd. across from the Regent. In addition to Taiwanese films, it has a good selection of artsy films and cinema classics. Got my three-in-one Woody Allen there (Annie Hall, Manhattan, Hannah and Her Sisters). Not the cheapest place, though.

Nearby the movie theater in Shi Lin on Wen Lin Lu, there’s a CD/DVD store. On the 2nd floor they have a range of Chinese films at good prices. Mostly Raise the Red Lantern type stuff, but a few local films as well.

Recently tried to order The Princess Bride and Spinal Tap at FNAC. They could not get them for me. I have asked around, and nobody seems to know where to order movies in English with Chinese subtitles. If I get an answer I will post it. Makes me wonder a little if there is enough demand for a business like this. Mostly just irritates the hell out of me that I cannot get DVDs I want and am limited to all the big budget Hollywood garbage. Don’t people in Taiwan want to buy quality DVDs they can watch several times and enjoy owning? Aiyo!

Where can I buy older, good movies on DVD, with or without subtitles? Like Clockwork Orange, Bladerunner, Deer Hunter, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?
Any info?

How about foreign movies DUBBED into Mandarin… does anyone know of a good source for these?

LIFE OF BRIAN and MEANING OF LIFE were released on SONY DVD here. R3 and with Chinese subtitles. Easily found at any large chain store. I saw one of them in Hsinchu’s Rose Records for $400 (NT).

Out of Hong Kong. 100% reliable.

HK DVDs offer English and Chinese subtitles 90% of the time, unlike Taiwan - where Chinese is about as good as you’ll get 90% of the time - for those who want non-English language films (like SHAOLIN TEMPLE).

THe third SHAOLIN TEMPLE film was released here (with English subs) as MARTIAL ARTS OF SHAOLIN and is a Shaw Bros. release, so try looking for the deltamc site and you might be able to order it.

besides , try looking at large music shops in Taipei like Rose or Tower. Gua Nan shops also have decent selections.

Beware, however, that most don’t offer up English subtitles. Newer productions, like TAIPEI TWENTY SOMETHING do.

There’s a terrific boxed set of Hou Hsiao Hsien films (4 early ones) for about $1800 (NT) that is on its second pressing (the original box was different, 'bout two years ago when I got it) and they offer English, Japanese and Chinese subtitles.

Oddly, I have to stock up on English-subtitled Taiwanese DVDs when I go to Hong Kong (legal) and China (terrific pirates).

What sucks is that China Cental Motion Picture Co. (the government film company) released a ton of great, older, local classics on DVD (not in very nice editions, though) and they only offer Chinese subtitles. For about 90% of these films - it’s the only digital release they’ll get - and at $69 (NT) a pop (great price! no English! :frowning: ).

[quote=“banshette”]Where can I buy older, good movies on DVD, with or without subtitles? Like Clockwork Orange, Bladerunner, Deer Hunter, One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest?
Any info?[/quote]

CUCKOO’S NEST was released in a terrific two-disc set by Warner Video here two years ago. It was $399 (NT)!

It’s probably out of print. Keep looking around for it, though.

DEER HUNTER was released here in a shitty pan-and-scan, bare-bones release three years ago.

Woah! Where?

I’ve been dying to see City of Sadness for ages.


[quote=“Bu Lai En”][quote]

Woah! Where?

I’ve been dying to see City of Sadness for ages.


Sorry, Brian, but CITY OF SADNESS isn’t in the set. It’s Hao’s earlier films, like DUST IN THE WIND and A TIME TO LIVE & A TIME TO DIE.

The local CITY OF SADNESS DVD offers no English subtitles whatsoever, and is a pretty shitty pan-and-scan transfer.

Try looking at or type in “city of sadness dvd english subtitles” in google and you should find a site that offers a R1 or import DVD.

Like 100% of Taiwanese filmmakers, Hou gets shit on by his own people. A shame, really.

I am in serious need of finding two DVDs in Taiwan: “Monty Python and the Holy Grail” & “Citizen Kane”

Any idea where I can find them? I am far away from Taipei (closer to Tainan and Chai-yi). A website would be the best (either Chinese or English).


I got them both off morpheus a while back. I watched them and then deleted them. yeah. Yeah, thats what I did. yeah. :smiley:

I have Monty Python and Holy Grail going cheap for $500 … ucts_id=56 including postage. They’re region 2 PAL though if that’s ok.

. . .which of course in all likelihood it should be, as Taiwanese DVD players usually play everything.

Jesus, BFM, sometimes you really are your own worst enemy.