Buying stuff in Hong Kong

I’m going to HK next week for a classic visa run, but I’m thinking on buying some stuff, like art markers (about 20 maybe) they can go in my carry on bag, but I’m also thinking on getting an electric guitar, so I’m wondering since I will come back on a visitor visa if I need to pay any taxes or something like that, after all I will only be “visiting”.

I mean what if I decide to visit Korea, Japan etc. with my new guitar. I’m I suppose to pay to customs everywhere I go?

The Taiwan Customs Inbound Traveler Declaration states that goods come in duty (tax) free for:

[quote]2(2) Articles already owned and used by the passenger abroad, whose customs value does not exceed NT$10,000 for each piece (set).
2(3) Other articles for personal use (not including the articles mentioned above ) if their total customs value does not exceed NT$20,000 for each adult passenger[/quote]

So it seems likely that you can get away without paying any customs duties (especially if it is regarded as used abroad and given a very low used value)… B.T.W. There doesn’t seem to be any distinction made between “visitors” versus residents etc. - this is often the case internationally.

Hey! Thank you for the info, is very very helpful, I will try to don’t go crazy.

I don’t think you should have a problem… after all, customs are barriers to not have you get in a lot of uncontrolled shit you can sell… guitar counts as a personal use item