Buying Taiwan Stocks

In an odd arrangement, I ended up with a worthwhile sum stock. These are listed on the Taiwan exchange, and all I need is a way to transfer tham into my name. Liquidating them for the cash is not the option I want just now. I would rather open an account with whatever bank/entity/club/agency/roadside booth handles stock in Taiwan. That said, I am almost a complete noob when it comes to foreigh stock. What do I need to do?

Any/all help much appreciated.

But be aware that foreigners in Taiwan pay tax on stock gains.

Isn’t the tax quite low though?

what about breaks on investment losses?

how do I move this into my name? As per the agreement, selling outright is not an option, so I will need to take whatever taxes arise witha smile. But, considering these stocks pay a debt I had essentially written off, I’m not so worried about that. However, I want to go ahead and do this soon, before the individual who has so graciously decided to pay me gets cold feet. So:

Where do I go to register to own Taiwan stock?

I do appreciate info on taxes; they’re just not the first thing on my mind just now. :slight_smile:

How do I sign up?

i believe that foreigners must go to the main office in taipei to sign up. i dunno where that is or how to get there. you need to bring every bit of documentation that you need for such major life moves, and i was informed that it takes a fair amount of time (six weeks?) before you will be processed and can actually do anything … our stuff is in the wife’s name, as this is too much hassle.

hopefully someone knows where the head office is, or you can google “taiwan stock market” and find out - there should be english links. … FID_01.php
This is Taiwan Stocks Exchange Corp Web,
you can find foreigner buying Taiwan Stocks datas from here. :wink: