Buying tips for 2nd hand scooter

I’ve been offered a 2nd hand scooter but have no idea what I should look for, other than do the breaks work and does it run … ??

Any specialists out there that can share some pointers?


Do you or your friend speak Mandarin or Taiwanese? Or, perhaps, you have a local friend who could help you. One of your students? Co-workers?

The point being take the scooter to a scooter shop and ask the beetle nut in residence to have a look. They’re scruffy exteriors generally mask rather ordinary guys (in the broadest sense of the word) that, like lots of folks here, will get a kick out of helping a foreignor.

I’m no expert, but just problems I’ve had. Turn it over and check the underside. If the metal there’s all rusted, you’re in big touble. (my first scooter - sold to me by a foreigner - lasted 3 weeks because of this problem). Ask when the oil was last changed and check the oil level. If the oil was changed in the last few weeks, but the level is low, there’s something wrong and it’s going thorugh too much oil.


I told someone I was changing the oil on my motorbike. She said ‘Oh, you don’t need to do that; there’s a light that tells you when the oil has run out’.
She’s had her scooter for two years.