Buying travel insurance in taiwan?

my arc is going to expire on july 5th, i’m going travelling in asia for two months and then coming back. where can i buy travel insurance?

Your travel agent should be able to sell you insurance. You can also buy it at the airport before your flight leaves.


I’m homeward bound for Christmas and am getting a little nervous about the need to insure the trip… The last insurance package I signed-up for wasn’t even worth the piece of paper I signed on (although it cost a lot more), courtesy of my friendly (but trustworthy?) travel agent. :?

Did anyone manage to find some more info about travel insurance?

If it helps, I’m going to Australia and Thailand for about 21 days.


The Big Babou.

Our kids always manage to get sick when we travel, so several times we bought travel health insurance for them at the airport before we left. Didn’t take long, but I forget how much it cost. We’ve used it in Malaysia and the US without problems. In the US it cover all of the cost, but in Malaysia we still had to pay some ourselves. Still the insurance did turn out to be worth the price for us.

This sounds good, where at the airport do you buy it? Is the policy in English? Last time I bought from the travel agent. I asked my staff to read it for me and it only covered death or disability. It didn’t include evacuation in case of an accident - which I specifically requested - or any medical coverage. So…the airport one is sounding better and better. Where do you find it?

Generally there is no such thing as cheap insurance. You get what you pay for. It is best to read the policy before you buy it. Most policies that have comprehensive medical coverage also have death and disability coverage as well.

As I mentioned before you can buy it at the airport, and someone asked where, sorry I never answered that. When you first check in your bags there should be counters in the front that sell insurance.

I understood it might be late to respons your question but I work for an indepentant insurance broker. I will be happy to answer you anything about insurance in Taiwan.


Nan Shan Life Insurance

Ms. Liao Li-ling
10F, 309 Sungchiang Road
Tel: 2505-5166 ext. 101

Ms. Liao speaks English and can arrange insurance for however many days you wish. Very easy and reasonable. The more you pay, the more coverage you can get.

Terminal One of CKS

If you want to buy flight insurance at the airport, the two or three
companies are located in the departure area (near the doors you
come in), but all the way down by the post office. (Turn left when
you go in the doors and go all the way down.

WARNING: Every time go there I pretend at first that I can speak
no Chinese. The girls have limited English and could
not really explain to you what you are buying. (It is
getting a little better at Hsin Gwan, but the others
have not improved at all.) So, if you have limited
Chinese you have trouble.

             Also, if you want to designate anyone besides an
              immediate family member, you are required to know
              alot of details, like their birthdate, etc., some of which
              alot of us may not know  or remember when we are
               put on the spot.

Personally, if I could buy it before I got to the airport from someone who
could explain it to me in English and who could answer ALL my questions,
I would feel alot better.

             Also, make sure that YOU mail the letter which is to
              be sent to the beneficiary that you choose, or at least
             drop it in the mailbox which is a few steps away.
             Sometimes the companies at the airport "forget to mail

Hope this helps@

This one is for the Aussies and Kiwis. I found this website which sells travel insurance online. You need to have an address in Australia or NZ to buy the insurance. It is only available online, although it is backed by a major insurance company, Allianz.