BuzzFeed reporter says foreigners shouldn’t celebrate Lunar New Year


What a moron. Cultural appropriation is stupid.


Buzzkill, ha!

Glad to see buzzfeed is very inclusive: your race, gender, religion etc etc doesn’t matter. As long as you write bullshit, you can get the job.

The K-man's finest hour(s)

“I hereby formally invite everyone to celebrate lunar new year.”



Instant fame for a dumbass reporter and the reporting organization, Buzzfeed.


An idiots 3 minutes of fame


More like 3 minutes of lame


She works at BuzzFeed. What do you expect? Any opinion piece you see on there, or HuffPo, or A.V. Club (which was once a solid review site years and years ago) is going to be pure unadulterated SJW victimization bullshit. Just don’t give them the clicks.

(Oh I see it’s on her Twitter, not on the actual site. Well, they probably hired her based on her views, so still don’t visit those sites)


I welcome you to appropriate Islamic practices… All people regardless of gender and ethnicity.


You mean Buzzfeed created a controversial article to gain views? shocking. Actually, that is their business model.


Not really an article, it was just a tweet by one of those who had not been fired a couple of weeks ago.


Oh is there a Buzz purge happening? Spill the deets. Would love some juicy gossip about fourth wave tumblr feminists and hipster millennials being given pink slips.


I think it was a couple of weeks ago that many “”“journalists”"" from buzzfeed and huffpost were sent home with no notice. You know the opinion section articles like:“My wife is having an affair with a transgender who sexually identifies as a wardrobe. And that’s a good thing” ? They got nuked into oblivion.

On twitter all those ex “”“journalists”"" were mocked and suggested to learn to code, as a reference to what happened a few years back when many workers in the US were laid off due to factories closing down and re-opening in Asia and journos were like:“Hey old people, just learn to code!”.

There was so much butthurt that twitter even started banning users who’d mention the “learn to code” meme. So much glory.


Thanks for the summary. I have heard about the #LearnToCode bit (which was entirely hilarious for the context it suggested) but not the former half. It will be nice to see less of those articles, once I decided to read one to see how ridiculous they can get, and yeah… those people are fueling the worst of ideologies.


Hey @IbisWtf I hate to break it to you, but when I scroll down on the HuffPo website as we speak, I still see this unintentional hilarity.


It will take a while to eradicate them completely. The fight is still long. I’m doing my part, and you? Service guarantees citizenship.


Social scientists brought about the collapse of democracy. Would you like to know more?


I don’t get why you guys would go on looking for stuff like this, post them, then laugh at them together. If you don’t agree with it, why not just ignore it?


Because it’s alternately hilarious, and should be beaten down with a snow shovel


says the one who shows up on sport related threads just to say that sports suck.


I watch tennis sometimes :roll: