BuzzFeed reporter says foreigners shouldn’t celebrate Lunar New Year


Buzzfeee and reporter should t even be in the sentance


Japanese people mob KFC at Christmas. That’s double appropriation for me. Or since Christmas in Kentucky is only a Japanese phenom, am I the one appropriating if I go to KFC at Christmas?

Generally, I stay PC for the sake of good manners and the so-called social justice warriors have a lot of things worthy of saying, but cultural appropriation is taking it too far. All cultures have always appropriated. I can understand not wearing a head dress because that is sacred just as you wouldn’t use a Muslim prayer rug as a door mat. But Lunar New Year? How does that hurt anyone anywhere? I think if someone has nothing more pressing to say, they should say nothing at all. Maybe she pitched the idea for an article to her editor and they wouldn’t even let that fly so she let fly with a tweet and got the attention she wanted.




Ties were popularized by Croatian (“cravate”) mercenaries in 17th-century Paris. We should definitely avoid those.

Japanese girls who wear maid costumes with cat ears must be appropriating the culture of both maids and cats.


Why is she so hateful? If she was married with kids wouldn’t she be happier? Then working at Buzzkill making poasts


Because us terrible devil foreigners are joyously celebrating her sacred firecracker holidays. Try to keep up.

That would actually require her (a) growing up, and (b) realizing she’s no longer the most important person in her life.

Two sentiments starkly at odds with being a Buzzkill reporter.