BYOB: Bring your own bags


That is just a general, generic list that is not specific to any country or city. Some places, including Taiwan, may have the technology and capability to re-use or recycle some of those things on the list.


Got your point.

And if not, it’s worth investing in such technologies/capabilities more than fighting against the usage of plastic bags. That’s my point.


Maybe some of those factories may be able to upgrade their equipment in order to make biodegradable plastic bags.


Won’t be surprised if this becomes bring your own bomb


Today, stopped to pick up bottled water for the wee… NT$5 for a plastic shopping bag!!! I had to buy it to carry my water.

They have changed my lazy habit of not bringing my own bags.


Today I realized why those cup carrying things are so popular. Carrying a large hot coffee from store to home with Bobby, two shopping bags and an umbrella was quite a hassle.


When you buy a couple drinks from City Cafe at 7-11, will they still offer the small bags for free? Makes scooter riding while hauling those drinks so much easier.


I actually have a drink bag stowed away in my seat compartment. I used to forget that it’s there, but now that I don’t get bags for my drinks, will probably be using it much more often now.

The new law is definitely in full swing. I went to 50嵐 yesterday for a drink and got asked if I wanted to buy a bag after I ordered my drink.


I think they focus on plastic bags because they tend to get thrown around thoughtlessly. It’s not so bad in Taiwan, where people are fairly responsible, but in most countries there’s a confetti of the wretched things on every roadside and tree branch.

Also, it’s a fairly simple way of getting people used to the idea that civilisation won’t crumble around our ears if we stop using plastic for absolutely everything. Next up: food packaging … hopefully.


I ALWAYS bring bags, but yesterday I got caught with too much stuff at PX Mart, and they didn’t have any empty boxes, so I had to buy a second one.
The new ones, interestingly, are rated compliant with Taipei City regs, so when you’ve finished using them for groceries, you can legally use them for garbage.
Which is pretty cool


I saw those yesterday! I thought they were the bags that were compliant to Taipei City garbage bags, but not entirely sure if it was some kind of promotion of new bags or what.

Wonder what happens to the stock of old bags they had sitting around?


The NT$5 bag I had to buy while shopping is white (not blue), and has a 3D hologram sticker near the bottom.


I wonder how long before the black market in bags will pop up.

“Psst, this bag at the store costs NT$5, but I can get them to you for NT$3.”


Not sure if that will happen since…Taipei was already using government regulated bags for a few years…never heard of anyone or anywhere selling them discounted.


Where there’s money to be made…


What the *#@& now thats funny.