C/E technical dictionary for editing/ translation work

Doing a lot of editing now. It turns out that Taiwanese translators are so bad, half the time
I have to retranslate from the source.

Anyone know of a decent C–>E / E–>C technical dictionary? Preferably one with a focus on electronics manufacture. It shouldn’t take me 10 minutes on google to figure out that 傳輸介面 means “transmission interface.”

What IS a transmission interface, anyway? :s

be nice if the chinese section was phonetically organized, too. counting strokes is for chumps who don’t know about njstar

Try 新世界漢英科技辭典, 2 volumes. Good coverage. I have it, but 99.99% of my term work can be done through Google.

?? What do you mean?

thanks ironlady. and thanks for not yelling at me for doing translation with only 6 months at shida under my belt : )

[quote]counting strokes is for chumps who don’t know about njstar

?? What do you mean?[/quote]

njstar is a chinese word processor indexed to a very large chinese–>english dictionary. It supports 10 or more input systems for both simplifed and traditional characters. When you copy/paste a chinese language text into njstar you can sound out unfamilliar characters by mousing over them, then look them up right away in a phonetic/ alphabetically arranged dictionary rather than hunting miserably through one of those traditional chinese monstrosities that most taiwanese can’t even use effectively, guessing at radicals, counting strokes and all the rest of it.

I don’t have to. You’ll crash and burn on your own if that’s the case. :smiley:

Anybody looking for Chinese dics, though, should know about http://www.dangdang.com SOmetimes the shipping costs as much or more than the books, but if you save up and order a bunch, it’s worth it, and they arrive in good shape. At least mine did. Although as I said, for the vast majority of stuff, Google will take care of it.

Translation is a last resort during tough editing jobs. i know i’m not qualified to do it full time.

on the other hand, neither are most taiwanese C–>E translators :stuck_out_tongue:

Ain’t that the truth. But it’s keeping you in work for the time being! :smiley: