C.T. Pan wins first PGA tour event


on twitter:

First @PGATOUR win for @ctpangolf The same week he’s giving back by hosting an AJGA and bringing ten Taiwanese juniors over to play it. Can’t find a better person to cheer for and believe in than Pan.

another twitter:

Much respect to C.T. Pan for making his dream of winning on @PGATOUR come true after relocating to the United States without speaking a lick of English. Taiwan :taiwan: in the house!

(Edit: U$1.2 million payday. Great work, C.T.!)


Been following CT for a while now, he’s come close a couple of times so I’m very happy to see him finally get his first win on the PGA. He was the number 1 amateur golfer in the world for a little while when he was playing at University, so hopefully he can push on now and get a few more wins under his belt.


Top golfers can make more than any baseball player. Hope to see Pan become the first Taiwanese to make the highest paid pro sports athletes list.