C&W Music

Could any one out there point me in the direction of a bar or club where there is Country & western / country rock / folk music in or around Taipei City?
I’ve had enough of Carnegies and the Disco scene.
Thanks anyone who can help.

two pubs in tienmu have video and cw music. the country pub jack and the post home.
ive never been to jakes for some time now at night,so i dont know about them. anybody have info for downtown.

I once tried to program my phone to play `Achy Breaky Heart’ but it didn’t work.

Thanks Don, I know how to find the Post Home but do not know of or where to find the country pun jack.
An address or directions for this would be very much appreciated.

Sorry about that, I meant country pub jack ad not pun. This is due to the fact that when typing I have two left hands!

to find jacks turn right off chung shan to chung chen(beeer house row), two blocks up is a street call song e jay, jacks is on the left hand side.