Cabbage soup diet

testimonails say 10 lbs in 7 days…as much cabbage soup as you want!!! i’m starting it tommorrow…any thoughts?

I heard you mostly lose water, not fat. But, it worked for Dolly Parton.

Any thoughts? Well, my first thought was “What are you, a Dickensian orphan?” And my second is “That can’t be healthy. You’d be missing out on a lot of vitamins and nutrients, I’d assume.”

oh my…how fantastic…hope the diet works for ya…watch out for 3 megaton blasts of flatulence afterwards tho

:laughing: More? At least she can have as much as she wants.

You can lose about a kilo everu two days on that sort of diet. The main problem is that your body goes into starvation mode, and as soon as you finish (presumably you’re only going to do it ofr a week or two - anything longer is unhealthy) your body tries to conserve any good fat energy it gets. So unless you’re very strict on what you eat and do A LOT of exercise when you finish, any losses you made will come straight back.

The other thing to consider is that this diet will be incredibly difficult. You will hate eating the cabbage soup. You will have no energy. You will need to drink loads of water and get up to pee all night. Crash diets like this are incredibly tough, and the payoff is uncertain.


you will easy loose weight, but not fat, just muscles. your body gets easy nutrition out of your muscles, which it needs because you only eat cabbage.
go to a gym, start jogging or walking


The 10 lbs you lose (if you do lose that much) will come back after seven days. You’ll be losing only water weight, not fat. And I hear you’ll be very gassy.

If you’re looking for a quick fix, all these fad diets will work for the short term, but what they will do to your body is something you’ll eventually see for yourself.

Taiwan is full of “slimming” scams so watch out for those too. If you need a gym partner or advice, feel free to ask me.

Be careful and take care of yourself, you.

Spend ten or fifteen minutes running around the track every morning/night (the only times it’s cool enough in Taiwan). I mean, 15 minutes out of your day, that’s all it takes and I don’t think that’s too much to ask. You don’t have to spend an hour a day in the gym to stay fit. Start a moderate, daily exercise regime and the pounds will come off eventually. Spend 5 minutes lifting weights in the morning.

Any update on your cabbage soup diet yet?

if it’s anything like the “american heart association” diet , then it takes a lot of will power to constantly gulp down bowls and bowls of the tasteless soup. and it’s true, the weight lost is mostly water weight and the appetite you will have once the diet is discontinued will be ravishing.

i have a copy of the “american heart assoc.” diet (a diet apparently used for obese people prior to heart surgery) and can post all the details later.

in short, it consists of a vegetable soup that you can eat as often as you like throughout the day. there are days when all you can eat are bananas and milk and other days when you can have some meat.

I tried the diet years ago and I found the soup was delicious. Of course we added lots of tabasco sauce to make it spicier (and there is some research that shows peppers can help boost metabolism). You don’t eat just the soup. It’s more of a filler so instead of filling up on foods, you fill up on the soup. Soups are good for diets because they fill your stomach up so you’re not as hungry. It’s also a strange combination of foods with small portions (like the day of only bananas and skim milk, or the meat and vegetables day). It’s tough to follow and like any crash diet, you’ll gain it right back unless you are changing your lifestyle along with it. I’d do it only if you needed to lose some weight quickly for a short time (like a class reunion or a wedding).

I know this diet is probably not the healthiest option and it won’t suit everyone. But personally I like it. I make my own soup and add loads of spices. I follow it every 6 months or so. Whenever I feel I need to drop a few pounds. It’s probably better in the long run to start a regular exercise regime but if you don’t have time or energy - this works too!!

So Slinky, can you tell us how much you lost with the cabbage soup diet? How did you feel? Did you gain the weight back?

I still wonder if it worked for smurfettex.

I canlose about 7lbs on it. I guess it depends on how you use it. I personally find that in daily life I gradually creep into bad habits every so often e.g. too much snack food and too large portions. I find by being disciplined for a week on the cabbage soup diet I get into good habits of eating more fruit and veg even after the diet is over. So I guess I use it as a kick start to healthy eating. I also make a point of eating lots of fruit and big, big bowls of soup so I’m not hungry. I also make the soup taste lovely so I enjoy it too.

You can make it taste even better by adding bacon and potatoes or rice :laughing:

Oh I see someone missed a “sex and the city” episode, where this was discussed.

Miranda;Oh there was the Cabbage soup diet
Date; Yes, that one came with a lot of gas…