Cable and Satellite TV in Taiwan

Cable TV

The market is segmented such that every district has its own cable provider, and you can only deal with that one company.

Da-an, Wun Shan districts 8791-1000/8791-0168

Chungshan, Chungchen districts 8791-0088/8791-0168

Neihu, Nangang, Xinyi districts 8791-1999/8791-0168

Shihlin, Peitou, Yangminshan districts 8791-0099/8791-0168

In the past, the companies have changed the placement of their channels on New Year’s Day (Jan. 1) and you may have to reprogram your channels.

Cable TV changes 2005

As reported Jan 12, 2005 (thanks Fox) you can now rent a digital decoder box from your cable supplier for 140NT per month or purchase it for 3,000nt. The decoder provides you with a standard package of extra news channels such as BBC, ABC, and a host of others. Also some channnels such as Hallmark and the porno channels have been moved into this system.

Online channel guide may be found (thanks iris) courtesy of the China Post

Satellite TV

Available from:

Satgo (website in Chinese only)

Jim the Satellite guy -
0930 750 441 or 05 2511 642
Pls include your telephone number in emails.

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