Cable + cable modem +router = content?

Can I get online if I have an existing cable connection, via hooking up a cable modem and a router?
Is this;
A possible?
B too tricky?
C a stupid idea or will the hardware costs deflate the entire project?

Any thoughts most appreciated.Thanks.

I’ve been wondering this same thing. I don’t see why you’d need the router, though, aside from some basic firewall protection.

From what I understand, the cable TV signals and the cable modem signals are on different frequency bands, so it is possible that the cable company could detect anyone who is illegally surfing the internet through their cable connection. I’d say it’s worth a try, but I would try it first with somebody else’s cable modem before plunking down some money to buy your own.

there’s no way to do this

Nobody do it because it’s cheap, but you can get illegal cable TV connections easily, but it’s not the case for cable modem as the cable operator needs to activate and recognize the cable modem on their site


okay thanks - I will let you know how it works out - don’t you need the router to splice the cable line to computer and to TV aswell as Firewall protection?

You would use a “router” (actually an Internet Connection Sharing Device) to share your connection between 2 computers. To split the cable between computer and TV, you can simply get a 50NT cable splitter box. I recommend getting one that does signal amplification if you’re going to be pulling the cable more than 5-10m.

To get online, you would have to count on the cable modem companies having an absolutely open network that didn’t check anyone that connected to it. As poorly managed as they are in Taiwan, they’re not THAT dumb. Also, I haven’t seen a place where you can actually buy a cable modem.

The easiest way to get free Internet access is to get a Wirelass LAN card for your notebook and scan your surrounding area, if your neighbor happen to have to Wireless Access Point then Bingo!

Don’t waste your time with the cable modem idea… :laughing:


Better yet, ask your neighbors if they want internet service. If they want it also, split the cost with them and install an wireless access point in your place and they can have access to it. That way you can be sure that you have an internet connection and reduce your cost. All good access points have security software installed and could require people to enter passwords to access the wireless network. You might be able to get the signal but not be able to access it.