Cable car to Sun Moon Lake

Here we go again.

Latest news: will open in July

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[quote]A cable car system at Sun Moon Lake will open in July to help ease parking problems at the popular resort area, the Tourism Bureau said yesterday.

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I’ve been to sun moon lake 3 times, THE most overrated lake in the world (well it’s actually a reservoir)…or else I keep going at the wrong time of year or something. Anyway I like cable cars myself…hope it works out better than Muzha’s.

It’s a natural lake…no idea if it’s been enhanced by earthworks to make it into a reservoir, but is natural.

Doesn’t a reservoir just mean a place to keep a supply of water? So it could be natural or man-made/enhanced, right? (Not quite on topic, sorry Icon!)

I was just there in March…third time there too…IMHO too many tourists! Place was crowded with heaps of people, buses etc etc…not a very pleasant experience