Cable companies

Todays TT,

It’s oh so true … especially here in Sanxia … 2003324768

We’ve cancelled our cable subscription recently… we’re just fed up with crap service and quality for a price that would get you digital cable with something like 100 channels in many other Countries. Best off sticking to DVDs until we’re offered something that’s worth watching.

Don’t they earn plenty by sticking in those super-loud ads in wherever they feel like it? Don’t they earn a lot by having their own community of people who have to subscribe to their services or nothing?

I can’t count the number of times we’ve called to complain that the signal’s been lost all together, or is completely weak, and have just been met with hostility and the “well, what do you want me to do about it” attitude. What the hell? Who’s supposed to be serving who?

And what’s with them giving channel priority to shopping networks? Or broadcasting those preaching monks over stations like Star World? Of course Star World does rate well! You can’t get ratings for stations you’ve never shown!

I know my little boycott is just a drop in the ocean to these wanks, but I’d rather spend my 550 a month on something that doesn’t frustrate the hell out of me.

</incomprehensible rant>