Cable Companies

Is anyone particularly satisfied with their cable company? We’ve been using MOD with Chunghua for a year now and I’ve noticed our channels seem to be different from everyone else. What are some other good companies?

In my professional opinion (I am a full-time TV addict), MOD is utter crap. The channels are just garbage, featuring amateurish and boring programs, and you’re missing out on a ton of channels that would regularly be there (like MTV… at least when I had MOD I didn’t have MTV, maybe it was a package thing). I has Kbro (凱擘) in Taipei and now Beijian (北健) out here in Taoyuan. And they’re practically identical. The bill is around NT$1,500 for every season (three months) and has 5 movie channels worth watching, 5 not worth watching, 10 news channels I wouldn’t be caught dead watching, a bunch of other crap, CNN from Hong Kong (English with no subtitles), and Nat Geo/Animal Planet/Discovery/TLC all with subtitles.

Basically, any cable company is going to offer you a similar set up as far as I know, and it will be much more expensive than MOD, but also much more entertaining.

Yah, I heard MOD sux

Go with cable dude. CSI is on channel 67 for a cpl hours like every night. They even got the new ones with Sam from Cheer’s and the Adventures in Babysittin blonde on Monday nights at 9.

I am also a TV addict.

Yeah, Mod Basic package sucks a great deal. BUT not when you buy the other packages.

We have numerous channels that we watch regularly. :discodance:

Wouldn’t ever think about going back to cable. Mod easily beats cable TV, and with better picture quality overall. The only really big channels missing from MOD for English speakers compared to Cable/Cable+HD are: HBO and Cinemax channels. CNN is a load of crap. Also, there’s no StarWorld/AXN… but most of those programs are shown again on Fox/FX/FoxCrime/Universal/etc. I didn’t even mention that we get ESPN (HD) and about 10 sports channels in all.

If you’re a native speaker of English and can’t get satellite TV or a DISHHD setup in your building (we can’t), MOD easily beats cable TV. BUT ONLY IF YOU BUY THE OTHER PACKAGES. MOD basic isn’t worth anything at all, but with CNN/HBO/Cinemax/AXN (which 1/2 the time airs infomercials)/Animal Planet/Discovery/NatGeo… Cable is somewhat better.

Of course, the only problem with MOD is that the interface is set in Chinese. So that is a stumbling block, unless you just flick the TV channels alone.

For Chinese/Taiwanese speakers, it’s not a case of either or. Get cable and get MOD. Together they’re pretty good for you. But truth be told, most non-locals find the local TV boring to watch: endless variety shows, news, stock shows, dramas catering only to 15 year olds (as if no one else watches TV), lots of kiddies TV, and that’s pretty much it.


Man cable TV mostly sucks alright, I watch nat and discovery and TLC more than anything. The odd Van Damme on AXN I Im bored.

The MOD interface and selection of movies is the most idiosyncratic thing I have ever used which annoys me no end. It is handy when you can find the movies you want to watch though.

I rarely watch the MOD channels as it is mostly recycled older low quality American rubbish TV shows as the English content and the news channels are a bit crap aswell.

I might add BBC lifestyle or something for the cooking shows.

Kbro cable in Taipei is actually pretty decent if you splurge a bit and get more than just the standard package. That way you get movie channels, Nat Geo, Discovery, History, and HD versions of many of the same channels which carry different programming from the regular ones, Fox Crime, Star World, BBC and other European news channels, and more.
Kbro also has movies and other programming on demand, just like MOD.

What about Football? English Premier League? I would like to be able to watch games at home next season and not running to the pub at god awful hours!

Regarding cable companies, for each district in Taipei can you have a choice of different companies? We are in Taipei City Zhong Shan District and have Chinpingtao Company.