Cable/Digital TV service


Tried to find if it was discussed before, but failed, so starting new topic.

This time my landlord didn’t care to install Internet and cable TV, so I’m considering doing it myself.

Can someone explain to me what options I have? If there are contracts shorter than 2 years and companies other than China Zhong Hua? What’s the difference between normal cable tv and the MOD thing? Would the MOD work on an old crappy TV?

Any help? Thanks!


Definitely MOD … and yes it works, with a AV or coax cable … audio can be connected to external source (amplifier, speakers)
I’m using a zillion years old Sampo TV … hopefully I can change soon as it would be an improvement in size …

but would it work with a veeery old TV? it kind of seem way to hi-tech for it XD and do you know what are the requirements for contract?

MOD now has a setting to watch HD channels on full screen when using a non-HD old TV set, like mine.

Cable is mostly crap and does not have as many English language channels … although at the moment HBO and Discovery is not included in MOD, but has substitutes that bring almost the same content. I think they are working on that one …

My TV is like 12 years old and it plays MOD fine.

In the end, after talking to my landlord, he applied for MOD. Apparently it’s very cheap (but probably I will decide on adding extra channels or sth) - 500 NT for installation and 250 NT per month. Not sure though what exactly is included, waiting for them to come and install it (wish it was today, still before the possible typhoon day off).

Thx anyway!


kbro is pretty good, their strength vs MOD is the included digital recorder.

In my part of Taiwan there is no KBRO … and I’m sure that CHT MOD will come soon with a recorder …


in the end I’ve got the MOD… and I love it!no, ChungHwa Telecom didn’t pay me for the promotion, but I truly think any foreigner living in Taiwan should know this option.

  • it’s cheap: max fee 359 NT/month, while the normal cable is around 600 NT from what I hear
  • a lot of more international channels than the actual Taiwanese ones… especially from FOX, BBC (they added just last week), Nat Geo, often can choose chinese/english language versions
  • other services: the movies on demand are not cheap, but cheaper than renting DVDs, I totally love the ATM function to pay my bills with it! many others… the big DISADVANTAGE is that it’s all in Chinese… and I know there is so much more to it, but I freaking don’t understand~ if it was in English, it would be perfect
  • surprisingly I found even a free porn on it, lol…
  • the recording? Dunno… it really has so many options (like you can check the traffic info, weather forecasts and stuff like that), maybe it’s somewhere there… if you can read Chinese…
  • commercials: the international channels commercial breaks are real short :slight_smile: and mostly about their own shows ~

In summary - I am excited about it and really think it’s a great choice if you don’t miss the Taiwanese TV shows.


hi guys which company should I call for cable tv? “the 4th channel” seems like it’s different in different cities? I am in Kaohsiung…thanks