Cable internet options?

So far, all I"m finding are DSL options… What company can I talk to to get a cable modem internet setup?

it depends on what area you live in.

Yeah find out from your neighbors what the local cable company is and contact them.

Really, there are that many cable companies? That’s surprising, since things like Chung Hwa are so universal. I live in Hsinchu…i’m pretty sure even if I knew how to ask my neighbors this question, I wouldn’t understand their answer, so, can anyone tell me where to go in Hsinchu?

So…what are some of the major cable companies in Taiwan then?

I’ve only heard of Zhonghau Telecom (aka MOD) and also BB TV.

You can try going to a Zhonghua Telecom customer service center and asking them to schedule an installation at your apartment. An issue you may run into there is they may not tell you that their services are good in your area/apartment building and just install it. This happened to me and I was stuck with pretty horrible internet speeds for about 3-4 months until I decided to switch to BB. I later found out from the security guard that the entire complex uses BB because Zhonghua services aren’t as good.

However, if you do not think you can understand your neighbors, how will you be able to understand the customer service representatives if they don’t speak English as well? Don’t assume that because they’re customer service that they HAVE to know English.

Solution: Try asking a local friend to accompany you to the customer service center or ask them to speak to your neighbors over the phone when you ask.

There’s a list here of Taiwanese cable TV operators (xls format) … 1229_1.xls

You could contact kbro, 0809-006-899. kbro runs the cable internet services for a lot of cable TV companies, including this one in Hsinchu (maybe the sole cable company there?)

I have a friend who once managed to get service by contacting kbro directly, thus avoiding having to pay the additional charge for standard cable. Might be worth a shot

Thanks! I finally found Hitron here in Hsinchu, 200MPbs connection runs about 1500NT a month.