Cable or TV problem

On Thursday or Friday I found what I thought to be a cable operator problem, thinking that the cable company had moved our channels around again. CNN had gone from 100 to 44. Star World from 90 to 39 etc. All HBO, Star Movies, CInemax etc are gone. I was just talking with my neighbour, and she said all hers are fine. Her CNN is still on 100. Her HBO is still there. My TV originally went up to 100+ channels, now I can’t even use the remote past 60. Any ideas.

Call your cable company. Ask them to come around and look at it. That’s what we did. He said the TV was broke. I didn’t believe him, but when I ran a cable extension to the computer, the computer TV was fine, so he must have been right.


Seems something had gone in the TV. Have the works again, thanks too Bri.

Maybe you deleted the channels without knowing it. See if the channels are still selected on your TV receiver.

On my TV remote there is a button to add/delete the channels.

Bottleneck, everything’s fine now. It was a strange one because all my existing channels had changed numbers eg, CNN from 100 to 44, yet others, see HBO, Star Movies etc had dissappeared completely. This led me to believe that the cable company had screwed me over. After speaking to the neighbour below me, who uses the same cable company, I was pretty confused. Her channels hadn’t moved, neither had she lost any channels!! Anyway, seems that something had gone inside my TV. All’s OK.

Maybe your TV has a “Favorite” function where you can re-arrange / assign channels in your preferred order and you may have activated it accidently.
Well, since it’s fine now just keep it in mind for the next time. :slight_smile:

A lot of TV’s keep a list of which channels are used so you don’t get static when you cycle through them, if a channel moves to a previously unused one, it will skip it. You might need to tell it to check all the channels again to re-program itself.

Anyone have the phone number for the cable TV guys in Taipei (near Taida)?

@Ironlady: try (02) 2370 5288

My TV has tow modes. If i choose between the two, I get one that has over a 100 channels and the other only goes to 69 or so. Go into the on-screen functions to select.

Right. tvs have antenna and cable modes. If you select the antenna mode channel numbers may change and you get less channel.