Cable to connect solar power from Outback to Singapore

Since the Taiwan Strait is the world’s windiest place, what would be the possibilities of Taiwan exporting its wind energy in a similar fashion?

That’s because the Power Link doesn’t just involve building the world’s largest solar farm, which will be easily visible from space. The project also anticipates construction of what will be the world’s longest submarine power cable, which will export electricity all the way from outback Australia to Singapore via a 4,500-kilometre (2,800 miles) high-voltage direct current (HVDC) network.

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Exporting? I think we need it here and to shut down the Taichung Coal Power Plant.

Yes, I believe there’s plenty of local demand to be fulfilled first. And substitute for nuclear?

Maybe export the coal instead? Or did we buy that from somwehere else?

I think that’s imported. I don’t think we mine coal here.

Not now, it’s cheaper to buy Aussie coal. Visit here to see more old coal mines in the Taipei area

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OK, at least we’ll save not having to import so much coal.

Absolutely, it’d be another Made-in-Taiwan commodity to add to list.

Hopefully we can turn the windmills into traps for the PLA too.

Japan to harness energy from typhoons.

and another enormous project with long cable, Morocco to UK

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Every time I see this topic, I initially think it’s in the “Where can I find…?” part of the forum, and have a flash of “Hmm, yeah, what cables DO you use to connect to solar power … wait, from where to where?!”

And then there’s a second misunderstanding with “Didn’t Outback restaurant close?”

probably order one through PC home?
on the other hand, typical phrase which which usually appears in the article somewhere: Xlinks, headquartered in London and established in 2018, has not yet secured funding for the Morocco-UK link.

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